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Steroids for sale online uk

Steroids for sale online uk

I learned about steroids for sale online uk dosages, results, side effects, fakes and all kinds of stories of users, former users and doctors.

After a couple of months I decided to do my first cycle.

I purchased 100 Dianabol tabs (the pink 5 sided type) from my good friend at the steroids for sale online uk gym.

only R200 (being in South Africa, R200 equates to about 37 dollars!).

I started taking them about 2 weeks into January 1999.

For the first week my dosage was 2 tabs a day (no tabs on weekends).

I was very sceptical, but all my doubts vanished when after 3 days my weight went from 201 pounds to 205 pounds. The second week I increased my dosage to 4 tabs a day (I always took the tabs with a meal) and my weight went to 213 pounds. After 2 weeks I made more gains in mass than I had made since I started doing bodybuilding! After 4 weeks my dosage was 6 tabs a day and I weighed 215 pounds. My goal was 220 pounds and I reached that during the 5th week.

I always felt on top of the world and very positive.

People were constantly telling me how big I looked and that was what I wanted to hear. I was constantly looking at myself in windows and mirrors and I was also noticing that other people were looking at me a lot more.

My strength gains initially wasnt what I expected, but those also started shooting into the heigths after about 5 weeks. The high androgen level coming about because of this steroid, in the unlucky deficiency is abundance estrogen, can additionally quicken the smoldering of muscle to fat quotients. The consequence ought to be a much tighter body, surely steroids for sale online uk without the need for amazing eating less carbs. Trenbolone can in this manner help realize an unfathomably hard, steroids for sale online uk tore build and is a perfect item for intense weight lifters.

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