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Propionate how to use

Propionate how to use

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For my next cycle I decided to cycle with a couple friends.

I took 300mgs of Deca-Durabolin with 15mgs of D-bol a day and they took 2-3 tabs of D-bol a day depending on what part of the cycle propionate how to use they were in.

We all mixed this with clomid to block estrogen effects, which it does extremely effectively while keeping your natural testosteone at normal levels while youre on it during a cycle.

My bench went up another 40lbs this time along with significant arm and leg gains. More impressive was my friend who was pretty skinny and only propionate how to use benching about 185lbs at the time who took 3 tabs of D-bol a day. His bench along with other lifts propionate how to use went up between 80-100lbs just from that tiny cycle which was incredible.