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Anavar rohm

Anavar rohm

After a couple of months I decided methandienone 10mg dawkowanie to do my first cycle. I purchased 100 Dianabol tabs (the pink 5 sided type) from my good friend at the gym.

only R200 (being in South Africa, R200 equates to about 37 dollars!). I started taking them about 2 weeks into January 1999.

For the first week my dosage was 2 tabs a day (no tabs on weekends). I was very sceptical, but all my doubts vanished when after 3 days my weight went from 201 pounds anavar rohm to 205 pounds. The second week I increased my dosage to 4 tabs a day (I always took the tabs with a meal) and my weight went to 213 pounds.

After 2 weeks I made more gains in mass than I had made since I started doing bodybuilding!

After 4 weeks my dosage was 6 tabs a day and I weighed 215 pounds. My goal was 220 pounds and I reached that during the 5th week. I always felt on top of the world and very positive. People were constantly telling me how big I looked and that was what I wanted to hear. I was anavar rohm constantly looking at myself in windows and mirrors anavar rohm and I was also noticing that other people were looking at me a lot more. My strength gains initially wasnt what I expected, but those also started shooting into the heigths after about 5 weeks. Was so nervous of being bumped as you hear of many dodgy sites but i did my research and glad i have now found a reliable source, hoping my products are legit and anavar rohm now looking forward to earning some gains, all arrived in good time and safely packaged.

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